EDUKOL is a training and consultancy association striving trough its activities for establishment of positive changes in our society connected with successful and dignified life. Since 1994 we realize trainings in fields of human resources development and European Union issues in public administration, private sector and nonprofit sector as well. In these areas we also do consultations and expertise. We're realizing a couple of "European" projects and by so doing we can promote and implement innovative elements in fields such as quality management in public administration, beginning entrepreneurs support and work with groups endangered by social exclusion (prisoners, migrants, mothers on maternity leave), we facilitate the Social Economy development in Czech Republic.

In the past we successfully participated in a number of projects co-financed by the European Union (Phare, Leonardo da Vinci, OP HRD), OSN (HABITAT), US Government (USAID) and by the Kingdome of Netherlands (MATRA).

Quality in Public Administration 2015 (otevřít)
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Martin Štainer: (Ne)vzdělanost v soukromém podnikání (otevřít)
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Misunderstandings and Opportunities in Managing For Outcomes (otevřít)
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